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He Continues to Inspire My Life
Friday, January 15, 2016

He Continues to Inspire My Life

Dear Chad,
It's been two years since your passing. I reflect on your life often and with eagerness and amazement. You lived an imperfect life perfectly and you showed me what integrity and character mean. You never complained about anyone other than politicians – whether democrat or republican – who didn't embrace environmentalism. You stood up for what you believed in and never gave up hope. In your life, hope always persevered. You made every moment count and you never strayed from your convictions; ever, no matter what. You had greater character than any man I know. You had an inner understanding of what was right for mankind and treated everyone equally and with respect. You taught the world that you didn't have to cure cancer to change the world. Instead, you showed the world how to live despite having cancer and having the odds stacked against you. Chad, I am so proud of you and even more proud that I was lucky enough to have a front row seat in your inspiring life. Even more rewarding for me; I got to be the center of it.

You persevered in countless ways and your determination coupled with your ability to handle your struggles have a way of guiding me everyday. I make this commitment to you:

I will practice conservation and protect our planet.
I will respect that the ecosystem is supported by everyone and everything in it; including the water, trees and animals.
I will remind myself that I'm cut from the same cloth as you, so determination is within me just like it was you .  
I will treat everyone and everything with respect.
I will not complain when life throws me a curve ball. Instead, I will accept that it is my responsibility to change the circumstance and press on with the commanding determination you showed the world.
I will live only in this moment and not regret or feel sorry for the past.
I will understand that I – and only I – can control my destiny, so I must always work hard.
I will have the same strong character when no one is watching as when I know the world is watching.
I will practice moderation.
I will listen deeply and intently to others.
I will give everyone a seat at the table.
I will smile no matter what.
I will never ever forget what you taught me and the community you served. It’s a great reminder that one person can make a difference by working hard at what they can do.
I will never give up hope, just as you never turned off a Detroit Lions, Tigers or Red Wings game – no matter the score.
I will never take for granted the perfect life I've been given and how you were the catalyst for all of it.

Thank you, Chad, for showing me how to live. Rest in peace my loving brother.


Nathan Hickman, Founder

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Anonymous commented on 15-Jan-2016 08:58 PM
What a beautiful tribute to your brother. Although I did not know Chad during his physical life on earth, I am certain it was his kind spirit that welcomed me into our home on the very first day we walked through.

I also know many times when I am the only person in the house, he is the one that makes sure I never feel alone.

Thank you for sharing, I feel inspired to try harder, be kinder, and do what I can to make the world just a wee bit better.

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